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Easy and Secure Evidence Management System

Evisense is a web-based software platform designed for teachers to capture photo & video evidence of learning to support observational assessments, demonstrate progress & share securely with parents.

The Evisense app is used on tablets and mobile devices to quickly take video/photo or audio evidence of a child’s work. 20,000 pieces of evidence are being added every month, helping teachers prove their academic judgements, and make annual reporting easier, all organised and securely stored in the cloud.

  • 99.9% uptime over the last 5 years. All data is stored in secure data centres within the UK, monitored 24/7 by B Squared staff and backed up every 15 minutes.
  • No need to be online, you can capture your photo/video evidence and it will upload when next connected to WIFI.
  • No ipad? No problem Evisense can be used with a digital camera together with the browser and a desktop PC across iOS and Android.



"We can now easily store, filter and use photos and videos of our students' learning to show achievement and progress in a relevant and meaningful way"

Lisa Galfredi, Class Teacher, Redburn School

"Evisense enables us to store evidence securely, share good practice, improve our whole school approach to assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes."

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Headteacher, Applefields School

"Using Evisense teachers can literally 'see' students making progress captured as videos and photos. This evidence of learning informs our formal assessment and future planning."

Jessica Miller, Class Teacher, Acorns Primary School

A Simple Way to Manage Evidence

Evisense is designed to capture key events in a child’s journey throughout their education. Capture photos, videos, audio recordings or observations that will help "Tell the Story" of a child's time in education.


Easy to Use

Recording evidence is an important function within education and is a crucial part of the assessment process. It needs to be easy to record and even easier to view the information in different ways.

Evisense is designed to do this. A quick and easy capturing process, the ability to link evidence to your assessments and multiple ways to view evidence - by group, student, subject or ability.

Safe and Secure

Security is extremely important to us and we have taken all the precautions necessary. Child safety is a core fundamental in schools and other educational establishments. We have taken all the necessary steps to keep your data safe.

Our security measures include encrypting evidence before it is uploaded, all data is encrypted on our servers. We use child protection lists, device security, access restrictions and can also provide audit trails for individual users. We are fully compliant with the data protection laws within the countries in which we operate.

Easy to Share

Share evidence with parents and students easily. Recording and storing evidence is the main purpose of Evisense. Schools can choose how they use the evidence including sharing it with parents.

This gives parents a glimpse into what their child is working on at school. They can see what their child has done in the day/week/term and read the teacher's supporting comments. This extends learning outside of the classroom.

Evisense can be used to record more than just academic achievements. Staff can take photos or videos of events around the school so these can be shared with the parents.

Save Money with Evisense

Evisense is designed to not only make teachers lives easier, but to make them more productive and save schools money. The data below shows how much a school can save by using Evisense. These numbers are based on a school with 200 students where the school takes 1 photo per child per week. If you take more photos, the savings are even bigger!!!



Glue Sticks


Cost of Printing


Cost of Time


Cost of using Paper



Total cost of Evisense


A Saving of Over



Do you want to link evidence to your assessments?

You can with B Squared's Connecting Steps assessment software!

Connecting Steps covers a range of curriculums including EYFS, SEND and Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum. Evisense and Connecting Steps work alongside each other with users, groups and students linked together. Users in Connecting Steps can see which skills are backed up with supporting evidence, as well as viewing evidence linked with subjects, attainment levels and assessment points. Visit our dedicated Connecting Steps website to find out more.